Our Emblem

The school emblem comprises of blooming lotus flower in a lake in its mother plant. In the background there is shining sun rays spreading allover and reaching the horizon all-round. The entire picture is encompassed by concentric circles resting on bunch of lotus buds and a pedestal .  On the pedastal is written ÌuÉkrÉÉ mÉUÉ SåuÉiÉÉ”   the   “Dheya vakya”  of Vidyadayinee institutions in Devanagari script which means “Education is most powerful and supreme God” .

This ‘dheya vakya’ emphasises the importance of Education in shaping and development of personality of human being.  Hence we propagate the meaning of Education by considering :-

Education is an ever widening process…….

A Journey through New Horizons ….

Be a part of this by seeking knowledge

with Hard workperseverance Diligence and  Humility.