1. The official language of the school is English. All the students must communicate in English within the school campus.
  2. All the students should be present in the school by 8.50 A.M.
  3.  Students must do their homework regularly and submit it to the concerned teachers in time.
  4.  Students should involve themselves in studying at least 3 hours a day except the school schedule.
  1. Full school uniform is compulsory for all students. There is a concession for the students about the socks and shoes during the rainy season.
  2. The boys should be with a neat and simple hair cut and girl should come to school with 2 plaits with maroon ribbons or rubber bands.
  3. The students are allowed to wear decent colour dresses on their birthdays only.
  4. Children are advised not to wear golden bangles or big ear hangings and the like or bring any valuable things to the school.
  5. Students should give respect to the teaching and non teaching staff and follow all the rules and regulations of the school.
  6. Visitors / Parents are strictly forbidden to enter the class rooms or corridors during school hours. 11. Students should keep silence in the library and maintain discipline. After reading the library books , newspapers or magazines they must be returned in good condition.
  7. Students should not absent to the school unnecessarily. If it is unavoidable, they must bring a requesting letter from their parents / guardians.
  8. No students should loiter about during the study period.
  9. Students should not go home in the school hours or during the last period without the prior permission of the Headmaster.
  10. In case of illness during school hours message will be conveyed to the parents to take the child back home personally.
  11. Students should not run / go in groups, should not use abusive words or to speak loudly on the verandah.
  12. No student will be called to the phone during school hours. In case of urgency, message received on the phone will be conveyed to the concerned.
  13. Students should appear for all the tests and examinations conducted in the school and should take active participation in the co-scholastic activities.